Two pink lines!


Well, that’s what this blog was supposed to be called. Two pink lines for that much-awaited (much-dreaded?!) sending-a-shiver-down-your-spine outcome on a bathroom floor that turns your entire life upside down for better or for worse. I got mine more than a year ago, on a rainy August morning, in a test taken sneakily while the husband (whom i lovingly refer to as Monkey) was dozing outside in our mango colored comforter, blissfully unaware of what was to come.

After months of doctors’ visits, pills and disappointing one pink lines, we had mutually decided to forget about babies and parenthood for a while and just “enjoy life” (read: start those late night drunken escapades again!). A mad weekend road trip followed, where we took the forgetting part extremely seriously by wholeheartedly reveling in vodka, dives in the pool, and strenuous adventure activities.

Back at home with a missed cycle, the wishful mother in me could not resist and i bought a home pregnancy test on the sly (by telling Monkey that i needed a toothbrush – not wanting him to go through what was sure to be another disappointment) and hid it in the bathroom. Next morning, i tiptoed into the bathroom and watched the strip with eyes half shut and bated breath as i brushed. And slowly but surely the magic happened, as two lines appeared. Whaaaatttt???! I did a double take. Blinked. Those two lines were still there. I trembled from top-to-toe as i came out of the bathroom in a daze. “What happened sweetheart?” was Monkey’s first reaction as he helped me sit on the bed, worried sick about what had happened to me inside. “Sweetie, i think I’m pregnant” i could barely whisper. He bolted out of bed and ran inside to check on his own. We read and re-read the instructions. Called the doctor (who screamed in joy and shock herself!). Got a blood test done. And started on a very wonderful, tumultuous and overwhelming adventure called parenthood.

The journey from conception and pregnancy to parenthood is filled with twists and turns. Just when you think you’re sailing smoothly, a rough wind shakes your sails. Just when you think you know what’s coming, an unexpected outcome compels you to step back, reassess, reconsider and realign, much like the naming of this blog. But that is the best part about this whole journey. The ultrasound where you unexpectedly see a tiny worm that is your baby, amidst the black and white graininess. Or that afternoon, where you’re feeling hot and grumpy because you can’t turn over on your tummy and a determined punch on your right side suddenly reminds you of the life present inside.

Because the best surprises in life are the unexpected ones.