Rumi whips up a culinary storm!

Late last night, Rumi cooked “Sabudana Khichadi” for her beloved kaku. Sabudana (Tapioca Sago) and water were the only ingredients used and the cooking technique involved a lot of boiling! As I had mentioned in an earlier post on minimalism, kids don’t really need too many toys; their lively imagination uses up anything that’s available. See what Rumi uses as water bottles!

Rumi narrates a Marathi story

I captured Rumi on camera last night, narrating a story that Mum used to tell me when i was a little girl. It starts with a crow and sparrow and involves all sorts of characters from a carpenter to the king and queen. I have a good mind to pen down all these regional stories that have been passed down to us in our families but are sadly fading into oblivion now! Anyway,  Rumi’s stories have unfortunately started losing their endearing, quirky randomness and become fairly straightforward and coherent though a few stray elements like “Sabudana” do make their way into this one!😊


Rumi’s adoration and loyalty shifted from The Gruffalo to Disney’s Cinderella the minute we got the DVD home for movie night on Friday. It was absolutely lovely for me to watch this movie with Rumi on my feet – I have spent countless hours watching the same movie with my Mum. For all its political incorrectness as regards feminism, it is a really heartwarming and delightful watch. My cousins and I called Lucifer the cat Roostofer and sang along (using completely wrong lyrics) with every song. Now after so many years, I finally watched the movie with subtitles and got the lyrics right! The Cinderella DVD went along to my Mum’s for the weekend and she just sent us this video of Rumi singing the fairy godmother’s famous, fun song.

Here’s the video of Rumi:

And the original one for nostalgia: