The National Anthem

I have always loved our national anthem;the music never fails to give me goosebumps. Recently we discovered that Rumi loves it too! The hardest part is to stop her from singing it, she sings it all day long at the top of her voice! And when the words “Bhaarat Bhagya Vidhaata” come for the second time, she takes it as a cue to sing from the top again!Lol! Here’s the video (complete with Nanu making her shout “Bhaarat Mata Ki Jai” at the end!)

An original story by Rumi 

For some time now, Rumi has been stringing sentences together and trying to make up stories. It is the most entertaining thing in the world to listen to her stories and I marvel at the vast sky of her imagination as well as her ability to switch between languages. In this little story, she talks of flying to visit her cousin Nina and then gets chased by a tiger! Kids are born actors; Rumi sighs and gets scared of the tiger and changes voices for different characters! Happy viewing 😊