For Aai

For Aai

I have not been able to write for a while now, owing to upheavals on the family front but i thought i would share these sketches that i found yesterday, made by the husband for his mother (Aai). I found them really heartwarming and sweet and loved how he has included his favorite memories with Aai: mango milkshake, a thermos of hot tea, her arm covered with his bites, music lessons, and always finding her waving in the window whenever he left for school.
Here it is:

RumiNation: Comic Strips on Parenting

I’ve always loved drawing and sketching but I had stopped doing it after being told how bad I was at it in school. Starting this blogging journey has been very liberating, where I have realized that it is important to have fun and to just try my hand at doing all the things that I have ever dreamed of doing, and enjoy the process. And so I made some illustrations on little everyday happenings with Rumi. My husband and I had a great time laughing at some of the funny sketches of our family members and trying to recall all the funny things that Rumi says and does.

So here it is:


Meet the characters:



A change in my status in the family before and after becoming a Mom:



Expectations vs. Reality:



Baby Blues:



The difference between Mom and Dad in the initial days:



Funny conversations with Rumi:

On friends:


On raising a multilingual child:



Potty training:



Planning an Art Activity for your child:



With or without you